Award Winning Security Solution Tripwire Incorporated in Threatstream's Portfolio of Integrated Solution Partners

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Redwood City  based ThreatStream®, a pioneer in providing enterprise class threat intelligence platform announced that it has included Tripwire to its elaborate portfolio of integrated solution partners that includes Cloudera, TANIUM™ and Radar® to name a few. Tripwire an open source platform released in 1992, helps enterprises, service providers and government agencies around the world manage incident detection, security policy enforcement, reduce the attack surface and automate regulatory compliance. Tripwire reduces overall risk by enhancing visibility of an organization’s security and compliance stance while simultaneously automating complex security tasks.

ThreatStream’s platform combines comprehensive threat data collection, prioritization and analytics with secure collaboration in a vetted community. ThreatStream caters to market-leading SIEMs, IDS, IPS, firewall and end-point solutions accentuating their velocity and accuracy of threat detection.

The partnership will place Tripwire’s solutions SECURECHEQ, FILE INTEGRITY MANAGER and ENTERPRISE at ThreatStream’s disposal. Threat data aggregated from a myriad of sources by ThreatStream's threat intelligence platform can now be connected to Tripwire ENTERPRISE. This will allow organizations to identify specific indicators of compromise on their assets encountered in the past, or become immediately aware if they appear at any point in the future.

Hugh Njemanze, ThreatStream CEO said “There's an insatiable need amongst enterprises in every industry today for information that is not only relevant and highly accurate, but also allow security teams to be more robust and efficient.”  He further adds "Today's threat and security analysts are overwhelmed with the amount of information available to them and are constantly faced with the arduous challenge to keep up with cyberattacks and security breaches. By adding Tripwire to our technology integrations, we allow more organizations a single view of threats that they can quickly make sense of, share and operationalize."