Blue Ridge Ties Up with Venture Group Enterprises to Distribute AppGuard Business

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 22, 2015

CHANTILLY, VA: Blue Ridge Networks, innovator of cybersecurity, has collaborated with Venture Group Enterprises (VGE), creator of highly scalable automated back-end systems, to distribute AppGuard Business, their endpoint protection for businesses.

VGE will distribute the product for all versions of Windows for use on PCs, laptops and tablets, which offer a unique, patented, next generation multi-layer solution that prevents breaches from advanced malware.

By preventing exploits, AppGuard stops malware and phishing attacks, zero-day attacks, watering hole attacks, drive-by-downloads, ransomware, weaponized documents, and other undetectable advanced threats. It also stops undetectable endpoint threats from executing an attack.

Compatible “out-of-the-box” with all Windows operating system versions, popular applications, anti—virus and other system maintenance, AppGuard defeats constant threats and targeted attacks that intrusion detection, antivirus, whitelisting, sandboxing and other traditional ‘detect-and-respond’ approaches can’t and don’t stop.

Prominent attributes of the Blue Ridge Networks’ AppGuard are; it blocks viruses, zero-day malware, and many other undetectable threats without scanning or updating; protects applications, processes, and system resources for Windows systems; extends protection to documents, attachments, downloads, social network apps, and thumb drives. It also operates in conjunction with legacy antivirus software and other system tools; and works in the background without slowing down or interrupting the user experience.