CIOs are Optimistic on Real-time Data, But Developers are Wary, Says Report

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FREMONT, CA: More number of enterprise executives have a positive approach on streamlining data analytics for real-time insights, says the latest survey report from VoltDB and Research Now.

 The “CIOs, Developers View Real-Time Data Analytics Differently” survey report  was conducted by VoltDB, a provider of SQL (Structured Query Language) database and Research Now, an online sampling & data collection company. It highlights how executives and developers view their companies’ real-time data capabilities, reports Nathan Eddy for eWEEK.

Analysis of data is the process of examining, transforming and modeling of raw data with the purpose of discovering useful information, supporting decision making and deriving conclusions.  Real-time data analytics serves CRM, corporate dashboards and data warehouse applications by building an analytic logic into the database itself.

On the other hand, 54 percent of the developers are cautious about conducting analysis on operational data, as it is critical for making their business decisions which in turn affects organizations success. Developers are well aware data does not just blaze through systems, rather take many different forms with many different contexts but accomplished by integrating various data sources and applications. For example log files from IT industries are different from clinical record from healthcare industry. The business benefits coming from real-time data analysis cited by all respondents includes 26 percent enhanced customer experience, 23 percent efficient operations, 19 percent gaining a competitive advantage and 17 percent increasing employee productivity.