Coupa Software Allays Supplier Data Management Hassles with New Module
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Coupa Software Allays Supplier Data Management Hassles with New Module

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 18, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Coupa Software, a provider of cloud-based spend management solutions, adds new module to its spend management platform. The new unified app helps businesses in reducing the cost and effort in managing supplier data as they can now view both supplier information and transaction summaries together. 

Customers can use the new Supplier Information Management (SIM) module to configure several data collection templates for specific supplier segments. SIM provides supplier dashboards with information summary pertaining to sourcing, events, contracts, purchase orders, and invoices helping the businesses to track the source-to-pay scenarios for every supplier. With this module, account payable and vendor management teams can better manage their records and get things done faster.   

SIM helps in improved supplier relationships as it cuts down the manual work that is prone to delays attributed to missing data. The module also helps in compliance by ensuring spend goes to insured suppliers who meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies.

“We’re introducing an industry disruptive concept of right-time participation where supplier data requests are embedded into the natural buying and invoicing processes resulting in higher completion rates with less effort,” said Donna Wilczek, vice president of strategy and product marketing at Coupa. “Supplier Information Management is a natural extension of our unified cloud spend management platform.”