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DH2i Introduces New Containers as a Service Solution to Enable Microsoft SQL Server Access on Cloud

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 19, 2016

FORT COLLINS, CO: DH2i, a provider of server applications portability solutions, introduces Containers as a Service (CaaS) solution to deploy and manage Microsoft SQL server workloads on cloud. DH2i aims to enhance cloud uptime and customer service capability by tapping Rackspace, a managed cloud company, to support its unique container technology.

DH2i’s exclusive CaaS offering acts as a platform for empowering SQL server customers to organizae datacenter management, high availability (HA) or disaster tolerance, and policy-based SLA management. "DH2i CaaS for SQL Server enables our customers to fully exploit the cloud's fractional consumption and predictable scale," says Don Boxley, CEO and Co-Founder, DH2i. DH2i’s CaaS helps IT managers and Directors, and Solutions Architects to easily containerize and stack any new or existing server application, file share or SQL server instance in a simple, secure, and smart mode.

Users of SQL Server will be able to benefit from DH2i’s premium DxEnterprise container management software to implement Windows server applications in the cloud platform with the built-in HA and easier manageability. DxEnterprise software can coordinate access to a group of disk resources in the cluster by leveraging native Windows file system (NTFS) and shared or replicated storage technology delivering consistent disk presentation. Furthermore, DxEnterprise can support any physical, virtual or hybrid infrastructure regardless of the version of SQL server.

"DH2i CaaS enables customers to bypass internal roadblocks and get their SQL workloads up and running quickly - spinning up a SQL Server workload in the cloud within hours instead of weeks. DH2i CaaS offers its InstanceMobility, allowing users to move any SQL Server instance from any host, to any host, anywhere - with near zero downtime; with three-to-four times fewer OSs. Of course, DH2i CaaS also delivers built-in HA and DR readiness, all at the lowest possible TCO.," explains Boxley.

”With Rackspace support for Microsoft Private Cloud and dedicated servers, Rackspace enables DH2i to seamlessly deliver its container management services to customers. We're thrilled that DH2i has chosen Rackspace as its trusted infrastructure provider, and we look forward to a continued collaboration," says Jeff DeVerter, chief technologist for the Microsoft business unit at Rackspace.