Fujitsu Unveils New Solutions for Retailers to Enhance Employee Management

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: Fujitsu brings new solutions for retailers to optimize the role of sales associate, implement wearable technology for employees and enhance customer experience. The new solutions include Retail Wearables, FUJITSU Impulse, FUJITSU Fresco and FUJITSU U-Scan 6.0.

Fujitsu enables organizations’ staff to be in touch with the management and customers through its retail Wearables solutions that are integrated with U-Scan and Fresco, for a low cost and efficient way to manage customers. Fujitsu’s wearable solution that is created with Microsoft enables users to perform more than one task at a time while managing checkout lanes.
As a self checkout unit, FUJITSU Impulse is an automated assistant that is designed with various verticals that can be utilized in grocery store, hardware/utility store and convenience store. Its compact size makes it suitable for smaller stores allowing more space for merchandise. It is designed to maximize merchandising, increase advertisement space and promote the brand.

FUJITSU Fresco is a customizable POS and cash management solution. It delivers an integrated solution drawing on potential benefits of new technologies striking the market to address the needs of grocery, food service, pharmacy and clothing sectors. Also, it allows retailers to differentiate their business from their competitors by building value added functionality like multiple interfaces, mix and match regular POS lanes with self checked lanes and remotely manage them.

FUJITSU U-Scan 6.0 offers support from FUJITSU Impulse for flexible store placement of Impulse and additional mounting options. Additionally, it supports FUJITSU Fresco to provide standard and self checkout benefits to retailers. U-Scan’s features allow retailers to have a direct control over multimedia experience including advertisements or seasonal in store displays.

"Fujitsu is meeting these new demands by introducing new solutions that help deliver omni-channel functionality and lower POS times, as well as innovations that empower retail staff to streamline sales activities through wearable technology, automated systems and easily navigable point-of-sale (POS) products, all of which deliver a superior in-store customer experience," says Marc Janssens, EVP, Retail, Fujitsu America.