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HealthGrid CRM Solution Will Soon be Available on Microsoft Azure

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FREMONT, CA: HealthGrid, a provider of healthcare CRM platform, announces its plan regarding deployment of its CRM solution on Microsoft Azure to further boost its patient engagement platform.

By simplifying care throughout the healthcare sector, HealthGrid gives health systems and providers a powerful CRM platform to connect to patients anytime, anywhere, on any device. Its solutions enable care teams to reach patients and their families about care plans before care, at point-of-care, and at post-care with care summaries and real-time patient health information. Using the platform patients can respond instantly with their needs just at the touch of a button. By sending customized health education alerts based on filters such as condition, language, age, gaps in care, and demographics at critical points in the continuum of care, the system reaches to the patients wherever they are.

The benefits of Microsoft Azure based cloud collaboration service for medical professionals have been illuminating the healthcare sector in the recent past. Leveraging the Azure platform, companies like GE Healthcare has made it easier for medical professionals to quickly share patient images and reports with other clinicians, regardless of location. By viewing medical images securely in the cloud, care teams have been able to access patients’ images and reports and collaborate on diagnosis and treatment plans.

"HealthGrid is a leader in the healthcare CRM solution provider space, and has a stellar record of helping healthcare organizations achieve better patient engagement with exceptional results in less time, and at lower costs. HealthGrid's push toward a mobile-first, cloud-first strategy fits Microsoft's vision for the healthcare industry. With health systems and providers focusing on initiatives such as patient engagement and population health, the timing is right," said Bill Hawkins, director of partners, U.S. Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft Corp.