Mozilla Abandons Mobile Phones Space, Prepares Fielding Firefox OS for IoT Arena

By CIOReview | Monday, March 14, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Last December, failing to build considerable momentum, Mozilla scrapped its plans of further developing its Firefox OS targeted for the mobile phone industry. However, Mozilla did reveal its intentions of exploring other avenues such as the IoT for the same. Recently Mozilla has put forth its initial projects for the IoT space.

Mozilla has decided to step into the IoT arena, beginning from a consumer’s home; a crowdsourced smart home network, based on sensors and a voice interface for IoT devices. Mozilla’s projects are open for the community members to help develop and test.

Project Link (previously called Foxlink) is the personal user agent for smart homes, which Mozilla portrays will eliminate the need for a consumer to entrust his/her data to a third party. Still at a nascent stage, Link is planned as an agent that understands consumers’ preferences for how they want to interact with the world of devices at their homes and automates the connected world for the users.

SensorWeb is Mozilla’s crowdsourced sensor network where the data will be available to anyone at free of cost, rather than a proprietary approach adopted by most of the companies. The data gathered and consumed can be anything from real-time air quality of their neighboring street to wait time at any café of a given location. Citing the growing environmental and health risks PM2.5 (particulate matter of size lesser than 2.5 micrometers) pose, Mozilla has put forward the crowdsourced PM2.5 air pollution sensor network.

SmartHome is Mozilla’s “middle ground” answer to Apple Homekit and DIY solutions like Raspberry Pi. “People want affordable, easy-to-use smart home technology, but some of life's everyday problems can't be solved using "in a box" systems. People could solve these problems through DIY solutions like Raspberry Pi, but these solutions are far too complicated for most people” states their website.

Their final project Vaani, essentially is an Echo-list voice interface that developers can add to their apps or to a piece of hardware so that users can interact more easily.