Rackspace Reinforces Proficient Features in ObjectRocket for MongoDB

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FREMONT, CA: ObjectRocket a cloud database platform founded by Rockspace has announced its support to MongoDB database services for cloud storage. In its recent move to improve ObjectRocket, Rackspace, the managed cloud computing company has added three more features comprising of data storage, security, and DR to the cloud database. ObjectRocket offers pre-configured, high performance services to simplify application development and to make MongoDB instances widely available for its users.
WiredTiger and MMAP have been now integrated into ObejctRocket’s MongoDB As a Service, delivering an efficient storage engine. It helps both the storage engines on a range of assignments with different access patterns and performance profiles. Encryption at Rest, is favored  by multiple group of companies is also  available across ObjectRacket’s MongoDB for data security. With new additional features ObjectRocket is offering fully managed MongoDB to the clients.
Furthermore, The ObjectRocket is working for new disaster recovery capabilities to meet the demand of all recovery point as well as recovery time objectives. It provides full operational access to the engineers including planning configuration, maintenance, and testing for failover and failback. Additionally, DR capability of ObjectRocket enables a complete geo-redundancy for the users and allows them to access new database technologies without any complexity.

These features are not new to MongoDB, as previously users were also able to avail these features by setting up and maintaining a MongoDB environment manually. However, Rackspace building these features into its Database as a Service (DBaaS) offers standout marketing performance. It will enable companies to choose between a managed MongoDB implementation with limited features, or an in-house one that comes with more features but is harder to maintain.