Skytouch Technology & Chargerback Team-Up to Enhance Hotel Lost And Found Experience

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 2, 2016


CARSON CITY, NV & PHOENIX, AZ: SkyTouch technology and Chargerback are teaming up in aim to introduce efficient solutions in hotels lost and found performance, reports Bezinga.

SkyTouch and Chargerback are pioneers in the cloud-based hotel operating industries. SkyTouch is a cloud-based hotel management system which allows easy accessibility from anywhere.

Chargerback is a sound name in end to end, cloud based hotel lost and found solutions.  Managements spend abundant resources in returning items that guests lose every month while lodging in their hotels. The method is expensive as well, in terms of human labor and time required. Chargerback thus plans to automate the lost and found process, adding a new way of earning for the hotels participating in the business.

Jonah Paransky, CEO of SkyTouch, said, "At SkyTouch, our mission is to help hotels run more efficiently and improve the guest experience." Paransky adds, "So, being able to bring them a product that accomplishes this with the added bonus of creating an opportunity for another revenue stream is really exciting.”

Chargerback supports guests in easily self reporting their lost items and simplify the process of finding the same. The company will create e-mail updates for both hotels and guests so that the lost items can be easily tracked. This will also let hotel staff concentrate on other important tasks rather than fetching the lost products.

Brian Colodny, President and CFO of Chargerback, Inc said, "Return rates increase. Internal morale improves. Guest satisfaction grows. We receive praise daily for the difference our solution makes in hotel operations and guest experience. We have seen the same user response to the SkyTouch Hotel OS, which makes SkyTouch Technology a great partner for us. They have the same values of innovation, service, and integrity. We look forward to improving the hotel experience with them."

This realistic lost and found solution by Chargerback promises a recovery rate of up to 300percent. The process neither involves any software installation nor needs human labor, making it cost-effective for hotels opting for this system.