Leveraging Mobile and Analytics To Address Utility Challenges

Leveraging Mobile and Analytics To...

Alberto Ruocco, CIO, American Electric Power

OpenADR Alliance: An Open And Standardized Way To Securely Communicate Demand Response Signals

OpenADR Alliance: An Open And...

Carl Besaw, Chairman,OpenADR Alliance

Silver Spring Networks: Connecting All Advanced Technologies To Build A Modernized Smart Grid

Silver Spring Networks: Connecting All...

Scott Lang, President & CEO,Silver Spring Networks

Juggling Data In The Power Industry

Juggling Data In The Power Industry

Tyrone Bowman, Industry Manager - Power, Pulp & Paper, Field Services, MAVERICK

Management Of Big Data To Drive Utility Transformation

Management Of Big Data To Drive Utility Transformation

Dr. Mani Vadari, President, Modern Grid Solutions

Integrated Electric Utility

David Kaplan, CEO & Founder, 1Energy Systems

Integral Analytics: Precise Valuation Of Energy Efficiency

Dr.Tom Osterhus, Founder,Integral Analytics

Red Clay:  Service Optimization Solutions For Enterprises

Red Clay: Service Optimization...

Beth Kearns, Managing Partner,Red Clay

Sure Power Consulting: Passion For Quality Results In Entire Innovation

Sure Power Consulting: Passion For...

Stephen M. Sutton, CEO,Sure Power Consulting

Structure Consulting Group: Handle Changes Efficiently And Effectively

Structure Consulting Group: Handle...

Lelon Winstead, Managing Partner,Structure Consulting Group